Solutions for the Finance and Banking Industry


Challenges of Businesses

In the era of the 4.0 revolution, Financial and Banking organizations not only need to focus on enhancing customer experience at every touchpoint but also need to undertake digital transformation initiatives to adapt to the general trend. Some challenges that Financial and Banking organizations may encounter include

Solutions from Bell24VN

CRM system integrated with tailor-made call center

Building a CRM system integrated with a multi-channel call center, customized to fit the entire business process or dedicated to certain departments without access to the core CRM due to security policies. This system can be used for data transfer/reporting from the core CRM (customizable). Additionally, with an Omnichannel platform and various automated interaction modules, the system will significantly enhance the productivity of Sales and Customer Service teams in Financial and Banking businesses

Process optimization

  • Departments are all shared and jointly using data
  • Data is uniformly updated across all departments (Customer journey management, knowing which employees have recently interacted)
  • Applying RPA to automate pre-defined tasks based on predefined criteria
  • Complying with enterprise security principles

Increasing productivity

  • Managing and caring for customers according to schedule, automatically categorizing based on predefined criteria, then applying RPA to customer service and sales processes (Auto SMS, Happy call, Up-cross sale…)
  • Automated features increase efficiency: Automated outbound calling with Auto call IVR, Auto dialing, Chatbot
  • Assigning unique leads to specialized personnel

Effective management

  • Saving a lot of time on managerial tasks such as control, reporting, analysis
  • Detailed reports, understanding employee productivity, SLA, revenue. From there, make decisions and calculate headcount numbers

Enhancing the experience

  • "Dịch: Integrated multi-channel interaction at every customer touchpoint (Call, Website, Social media, OTT, SMS, Mail..)
  • Understanding the customer journey, reducing overlapping and repetitive interactions, thereby enhancing the experience

Solutions for the Finance and Banking Industry

Outsourcing Call Center Operations

A comprehensive call center operations solution covering pre-sales, sales, and post-sales processes for projects in Banking, Credit Cards, Loans, aimed at increasing sales efficiency and delivering exceptional customer experiences


A solution encompassing pre-sales, sales, and post-sales processes. It includes lead generation, nurturing and customer interaction on an integrated multi-channel platform, Direct sale, KYC, Data analysis, customer care, and post-sales interaction maintenance
Utilizing high-quality data sources
Applying RPA to maximize efficiency, reduce repetitive tasks, and optimize resources. Some typical technologies include: AutoDial, AutoCall, ACD, IVR
A sophisticated reporting system, tailored and integrated with APIs to other software, thereby enabling managers to easily gain an overview of business conditions, while also saving time and effort in report generation
Utilizing well-trained personnel. Staff members possess not only excellent communication and sales skills but also contribute to creating exceptional customer experience

Insourcing Call Center Operations

High-quality Call Center Operations Solution helps businesses

  • Care, interact, and provide information to customers to enhance the experience at every touchpoint
  • Collecting information, categorizing, and promptly directing customers to the appropriate specialized department (such as service feedback, internet banking support, account opening, credit card service advisory,...)
  • Proactively calling customers to remind them of payments, fees, etc
  • Enhancing customer loyalty with regular customer care solutions, VIP customers



Turn-over rate

Ensure to


SLA, Target, KPI



Including holidays



Stable system

Ensure to


data security



in revenue

E-KYC Solution

A 100% online customer identity verification solution using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and customer verification via video call, helping to shorten verification time, save costs, assess and monitor risks, prevent illegal fraud. This enhances the efficiency of banking operations


Mystery shopping service

"This is a solution that helps businesses gain an objective, accurate view of service quality, business processes, and personnel quality that the enterprise possesses. Bell24 Vietnam executes this by acting as a customer to experience and evaluate the touchpoints of the business with customers from the perspective of a real customer. Secret customer services can be deployed across multiple channels (Offline, Online, Call)


Training service


Advanced skills enhancement course

  • Provide high-quality, in-depth training sessions for Sales and Customer Service staff, helping employees enhance communication skills, customer service mindset, problem-solving abilities, and assisting in resolving and soothing customer concerns
  • Gia tăng hứng khởi, sự yêu thích của nhân viên với công việc hiện tại và lòng tin yêu vào doanh nghiệp

LMS system

  • An easy-to-use, scientific, and intuitive online learning and training system, where learners can study anytime, anywhere
  • Digitizing training programs within the enterprise
  • Assist in deploying synchronized training for branches, service counters, collaborators... without consuming excessive resources or costs
  • Rapid application. Purchase or rent the system and receive educational content worth up to 36 million VND as a bonus
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